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When Animals Merge Left: Furry Critters Driving Cars in the Movies

Drivers who have been fortunate enough to survive a serious accident often say after the ordeal that a ‘higher power took the wheel.’ If we were to believe some Hollywood shows that higher power could be a monkey, a dog, a cat, a duck, etc. While animals driving cars in films never gets old, some of these great characters behind the wheel are iconic images that will last a lifetime. That being said, I’d think twice before letting a maniacal cat get behind the wheel of your new car from Chevrolet Ontario.

Toonces the Driving Cat

Fans of Saturday Night Live in the early 90′s will no doubt remember Dana Carvey and Victoria Jackson’s fun-loving kitty Toonces. At first the couple was astonished and impressed that their family pet could take the wheel but his passengers inevitably find out that Toonces isn’t a skilled driver at all. In fact, most scenes with Toonces ended up with him driving the family off a cliff and once even directly into the Washington Monument.

The Shaggy Dog

The Shaggy Dog is an old Disney tale about a boy who accidentally touches a cursed ring, bringing about a shape-shifting curse that turns him into a sheep dog. Ironically, he becomes the dog of the girl who he has a crush on (not a bad gig for some teenage kids) and helps thwart one of her dates by stealing the new guy’s hot rod. A high speed chase entails and ends with the dog regaining his human form after performing a selfless act.

The Mouse and the Motorcycle

As you can imagine, the mouse and the motorcycle heavily revolves around a wheelie stunt pulling rodent. The mouse obtains his two-wheel treasure when a family visits the hotel where he lives and a boy accidentally leaves the motorcycle behind. Eventually the mouse and the boy form a friendship, get in a fight, and in the end Ralph the Mouse ends up saving the boy’s life and is able to keep his motorcycle…just in time for a sequel.

Red Lights Holy F*** Video

A 2010 video by indie band The Red Lights is chalk-full of animals driving. It starts off with a cat popping in a cassette tape before heading out on the road behind the wheel. The scenes eventually cut away to a band of cats playing their instruments interspersed with cruising cat being chased by a Mustang driving dog in scenes reminiscent of the movie Bullitt. Eventually the dog dies in a fiery explosion and the moral of not letting pets drive your cars from Mountain View Chevrolet is frantically reiterated.

A 4×4 That Goes Almost 400 Miles on a Tank of Gas: The Jeep Patriot

There are a lot of things to like about the Jeep Patriot. Maybe you’re already been to and discovered some of the reasons the Patriot is so popular, like its being the best-priced SUV in America for starters. Let’s look at a few more, including its excellent gas mileage and range?up to 30 mpg for the 4×2 and nearly 400 miles on a tank of gas for the 4×4 Patriot.

Fuel Economy

These days everybody appreciates better fuel economy. The Patriot comes with two engine options: a 158-horsepower, 2.0-liter four-cylinder and 2.4-liter that ups the horsepower to 172. The stronger engines takes more gas to do the job but still manages respectable numbers. The milder engine in fact achieves an impressive 400-mile range on one 13.5 gallon tank of gas o small feat and something that endears the Patriot to its owners when they are paying at the pump.

Hardcore Jeep Performance

Nobody does off-road better than Jeep and the Patriot carries on that proud tradition. There is a Freedom Drive I package which is all-wheel drive but with locking center differential, perfect for use in snowy, icy, winter weather or on a light trail. You can opt for the Freedom Drive II package, a beefier system designed for tougher trails and true off-road conditions, which also gets the coveted  rail-Rated?badge. This easily gives the Patriot one of the better off-road packages you can find in a small crossover.

The Bottom Line

The combination of respectable mileage and range and Jeep-tough off-road capability would make the Patriot an attractive option for many without anything else going for it. Add to those two strengths the aforementioned ace in the hole unique to the Patriot ts best price in class status and you have a real winner.

You can check out the Jeep Patriot as well as its award-winning stable mates like the Jeep Wrangler and Jeep Grand Cherokee and other great Chrysler and Dodge vehicles at

Relatively Unknown Automobile Manufacturers That Created One-Hit Wonders

The most successful automakers have several models of cars all out at once. It is their intention to offer a diverse lineup of vehicles so people can choose the one they want according to their needs. These companies can end up producing dozens, even hundreds of models by the time they are done. However, not all of them are this successful. The term a one-hit wonder?is often used to describe singers with just one hit single, but it can just as easily be applied to the automotive industry.

1. DeLorean

This company is the epitome of a one-hit wonder?since it not only created just one car, but a very famous and instantly recognizable one, at that. The car in question, the DMC DeLorean 12, was prominently featured in the Back to the Future film franchise, one of the most popular comedy series of all time. The car had become an icon, but this did not help DeLorean from avoiding bankruptcy.

2. Gumpert

Gumper, also known by its full name of Gumpert Sportwagenmanufaktur GmbH, is a German automaker. Founded by a former Audi director, Gumpert produced the Gumpert Apollo S in 2008. The car, despite not being the best looking supercar in the world, was tremendously fast. In fact, it set a new lap record when it was featured on Top Gear. Even with the success, the company lost financial backing and was forced to declare bankruptcy in 2013.

3. Hennessey

Putting Hennessey here is kind of cheating since it is a tuning house, not an automaker. However, it did built its own car, the Hennessey Venom GT which was, for a brief period, the fastest production car in the world. Until the company develops a new model, the label a one-hit wonder?still applies.

If you are looking for a car from a company with a real legacy and reputation, visit Nissan Burbank. Here at Downtown Nissan you have access only to top tier cars which are available at very good prices.

Thrifty Yet Fun Tips for an Awesome Girls’ Road Trip

Sometimes you just need to get away with the girls. Whether it be a chick flick movie night, or a road trip with a trip to a spa, spending some time with your girlfriends is some of the most enjoyable memories that you can ever have. Here are some of the best tips that you can use to have an epic girl’s trip that doesn’t drain your wallet.

Use sites like Groupon or Living Social to find deals that are in driving distance for hotels, restaurants, even and spas exciting getaways like hot air balloons or skydiving. Keep an eye on these sites to find great locations for travel that you may not have even thought about before. You can even decide on a destination in advance and look for deals in that city so you can enjoy all sorts of activities for a small percentage of what you would normally pay. Using daily deal sites can open up a whole world of road trip opportunities for you.

Make sure that you and the girls take your trip in style while saving the environment with the Nissan Pathfinder Hybrid available at Glendora Nissan. This hybrid SUV sits up to 7 people in luxury with additional features such as leather interior or a Bose sound system, all while getting the gas mileage of a compact. Check out more about the Nissan Pathfinder Hybrid at

If you have decided on a specific location for your road trip, so some planning ahead, without doing too much planning. Do some research on whether your destination has any events scheduled while you are there such as music or food festivals. See what the locals like to do. Don’t do things that you can just do at home like going to chain restaurants or stores that you can find anywhere. Don’t forget to find things along the way such as natural wonders or outlet malls. With a little planning, and a little flexibility you can have a great time with the girls on your road trip.”

How to Make the Most out of your Band’s Gig

When you’re in a band, getting to the gig is the most important thing. Get to the gig on time and be ready to rock. It can be more difficult than you might think to actually make it to the gig and do a good job. There are a ton of factors to consider when getting to your gig when it’s just you and you don’t yet have a crew of roadies packing your gear for you, though some folks think it’s easy as pie. It’s been there and done that, and I have some tips for the band that has not yet made it to get to the gig and make a good impression.

1. Make that Great First Impression

Often overlooked is the first impression your band makes on the venue and their staff and those who are around. When a band arrives in separate cars and at different times, you look like a scattered act, and that is not good. It’s affordable and attainable to get a 15 passenger van rental for your gig so you can all arrive together with all your gear – almost like you’re on tour! See how cheap you can rent one by visiting When the four or five of you pour out of the van and start unloading, the venue is going to notice and be impressed. That’s good for re-booking down the road.

2. Look the Part

The worst thing you can do is wear your street clothes, or work clothes, to the gig. I would never advocate a uniform as a necessity but I hate when a band looks like they just stepped in off the street. You want to look like a band, and act like a band, as a single unit. It adds to the majesty and separates you from the commoner. Not in some sort of mighty and high way, but a subtle way that shows you are a big deal without you smacking everyone in the face telling them you’re a big deal. Look, you booked a show, you’re in a rock band, now enjoy it and have fun BEING a rock star!

3. Merchandising

Your Band: the Movie. Yes, Yogurt from Spaceballs was spot on. If you aren’t moving units every night, just having your name on a sticker, a button, what have you, shows that you are a big deal, you have to have merchandise, even. If you don’t have any of that stuff, you’re telling the world to ignore you because you’re not taking yourself seriously. If there’s nothing to buy, and people can’t spend money buying your merchandise. A few extra bucks goes a long way for a small time band, so put yourself in the position to succeed.

4. Don’t Play Too Often in Your Home Town

One mistake every band makes is saying yes to every gig offered. It drives me up the wall when a band is playing and they announce that they’re playing again tomorrow night, so they hope to see you there. That’s a big mistake. Make every show an event. How often do you have a show and some declines your invite and says well I’ll just see you at your next show? Don’t let them think that that’s a viable option. Every show should be a must see, something special that will make everyone feel obligated, intrinsically, to make it out. If you’re playing too often in your town, people will get bored and won’t come out ever.”

Essentials for Surviving this Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving is one of the best holidays of the year. It also is the beginning of the long holiday season and gives you the opportunity to do the holidays right, though not only is it focused on family togetherness through food and football. Whether Thanksgiving in your family is for shopping or the TV, here are the essentials for having a great holiday.

If in your family Thanksgiving means football, think about investing in a new television to watch all the games on the big screen. Many stores offer price matching so you can find a model that you like at a store you like but get the great price that is being offered by another store. Make sure that you get a TV that matches the room that you are putting it in. If you do not have a big TV area, a huge television won’t fit the space, even though it may be desirable to get the biggest television that they offer. Make sure that you get a 1080p and avoid the gimmicks such as 3D or Ultra-HD which will be sure to be cheaper in a couple of years.

Check out many of the online services that offer specialty gourmet birds that you would not be able to make at home if you don’t feel like cooking a huge bird this holiday. Some supermarkets and chains even offer complete Thanksgiving dinners including turkey with all the fixings. Order in advance and get some nice looking disposable dishes and silverware from a party store and you will be on easy street this Thanksgiving, enjoying your family rather than cooking or doing dishes.

If you are one of the millions of families that travels for the holidays, make sure that you have a car that will be great for a Thanksgiving road trip. A great vehicle for any roadtrip would be the Nissan Pathfinder, available at Victorville Nissan. With its seven seats, you will be able to fit your entire family and all your suitcases and other gear. With a V6 engine and 4WD you will be able to travel even in bad weather. Finally, you have the option of dual DVD monitors so that your kids can each watch their own movie while you are on the road. Schedule a test drive of the Pathfinder today at Metro Nissan Redlands .

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